Christian Meaas Svendsen with Nakama & Rinzai Zen Center Oslo

Released on Nakama Records on 24th of May


New Rituals is a piece of music in three 40 minutes long parts, written for the ensemble Nakama and a Zen Buddhist choir, for Nakama and for solo bass respectively.

The three parts are built on the same material: 10 Zen Buddhist sutras. The recording is investigating the part of Zen Buddhist philosophy which states that no thing exists as a separate self; everything is inseparable from everything else and always in flux.

The music is released in three volumes. The LP edition entails within it the CD edition, which itself can be bought separate.

Christian Meaas Svendsenbass, voice, compositions
Agnes Hvizdalek – voice
Adrian Løseth Waade – violin
Ayumi Tanakapiano
Andreas Wildhagendrums
feat. Rinzai Zen Center Oslo – choir