Goh Lee Kwang & Christian Meaas Svendsen - gibberish, balderdash and drivel
Released on Nakama Records 2nd of March


Gibberish, balderdash and drivel consists of three nonsensical musical conversations between Malaysian nylon guitar player Goh Lee Kwang and Norwegian bass player Christian Meeas Svendsen.

The album was recorded in an independent art gallery close to Kuala Lumpur with a handheld device. It tells us the story of the first encounter between two different mindsets, nationalities and generations trying - and totally failing at - making any sensible dialogue with their respective musical languages. Still, the music flows unobstructed, blissfully ignorant of the lack of mutual understanding. Just listen closely and ask yourself: does your skin connect you or separate you from the rest of the world?

This album is also part art project. The album comes together with a custom made pencil which you can use to draw your own cover. If you do - and if you have an Instagram account - then be sure to hashtag it with #gibberishbalderdashdrivel

Goh Lee Kwang - double bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen - double bass