Released on Nakama Records on the 11th of May

Avin is my newest solo project. The album consists of Norwegian lyrics in a traditional singer/songwriter-style wrapped in a somewhat challenging and unconventional format. The music is arranged for an 8-piece band consisting of some of Norway’s finest musicians.

The central theme on the album is unfinished love, and the texts and the music describe my feelings and reflections in the turbulent phases of a relationship. Loss, anger and despair are repeating themes, but amidst it all there is hope and a strange kind of underlying positivism. The music is inspired from early American contemporary music, modern nordic improvised music and different types folk songs. The result is a more meek version of the modern contemporary music, a slightly more strict version of improvised music and jazz, and a somewhat detached way of presenting conventional singer/songwriter material. It is creative music with some healthy resistance presented in an earnest, convincing and personal way.

Music video is in the making. The video will be done like a one-take; a 20 minute continuous shot which will result in is just as much a short movie and an art movie as a music video. Film-magician André Løyning will be in charge of it all. It is challenging our consumption of visual impressions and short attention span, indirectly arguing that the music video as an art form must not be devoured by commercial powers and tabloid formats.

Christian Meaas Svendsen - guitar, vocal
Vilde Alnæs - violin
Adrian Løseth Waade - viola
Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello
Inga Aas - double bass
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone
Espen Reinertsen - saxophone
Agnes Hvizdalek - vocal

First half of the album has also been visualized by filmmaker André Løyning and actress Lena Edvardsen: