An axiom is an accepted principle that cannot be proved, but it is accepted as true because it is self-evident or particularly useful in its respective context. I do not know if the founders of the ensemble Aksiom considered this to be decisive considering what type of music the ensemble should play, but I think it is a beautiful name for an ensemble playing music which is not easy to explain, but impossible not to accept as something true. Aksiom is a contemporary classical ensemble which exclusively plays music from young, nordic composers.


Lynetta T. Hansen – flutes | Fredrik B. Olsen – saxophones | Henrik M. Nørstebø – trombone
Anders K. Hansen – percussion | Jonas Cambien – piano | Ole Martin Huser-Olsen – guitar | Vilde Alnæs – violin
Ivan Valentin – cello | Christian M. Svendsen – double bass | Kai Grinde Myrann - conductor