The Dynamic Manifesto

  1. Read your manifest out loud everyday. Add, subtract and change parts or sections ad. lib

  2. Start your day by taking a moment to connect your breathing with your belly region/hara. Unveil your thinking mind and bring your heart-mind into the foreground, if just for a split second. Find your inner child, your Original Nature, become the Immovable Mover — then move!

  3. Bring yourself into harmony with your surroundings: Try shifting a diesis upwards or downwards, or try shifting octaves. If you can’t move into harmony, make it groove. If you can’t make it groove, embrace the dissonance.

  4. Remember that you are a fundamental beneath all the partials, and that the partials go into infinity in both directions. You are solid, universal and boundless at the same time. The same is true for all things.

  5. The 12 keys of the piano are amazing, but not a comprehensive analogy for life. Life and music are analogue, circular and seamless. Diatonic, chromatic and enharmonic are all approximations.

  6. Existence is a verb, not a subject. You are not separated from existence, and existence is not separated from you. The universe is dancing, and you are the universe as much as it is you. You can move your body, and that is just incredible. Dance a little bit everyday, and if you forget to do so, just remember that you always are anyway!

  7. Reject the idea of becoming a great whatever. Accept where and who you are now. Just live music!

  8. Keep your mind clean, your computer clean and your room/house clean.

  9. Life is generous. Every occasion is a chance to Practice. Never stop Practicing!

  10. Come prepared, be on time: Rehearsals, meetings, lectures, appointments…

  11. Don’t miss out when inspiration hits you. Sleep, food and comfort must sometimes play second violin. Make sure your loved ones understand that you need to grab inspiration by the root and pull it out in one go when it strikes. If they don’t understand or can’t accept it, then they don’t love you.

  12. Your reality is just one reality. Human reality is just one reality. There is a relative reality and an absolute reality. The relative realities are infinite, the absolute reality is one.

  13. Be curious. Don’t get stuck in patterns. Live fully on both the in and outside of social norms and other manmade constructs. Music is infinite and in its essence our best guide to disconnect, connect and reconnect.

  14. C O R P O R E A L

  15. Give praise to people for small things or for qualities they inhabit. They deserve it. Uplifting motion.

  16. Knowledge and Wisdom are not the same thing. Money and wealth are not the same thing. Interests and values are not the same thing. Learn to spot the difference and pierce through language.

  17. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

  18. Principles can be good, but «not always so». Be flexible and have a soft mind.

– Christian Meaas Svendsen, 2019 –>